BitIt Introduces Referral And Affiliate Programs

Bitcoin exchanges have to keep expanding their services to attract more customers. Bitit recently added an affiliate program and a referral program to their services, which will help the company grow their customer base around the world.

Two New Bitit Services Have Arrived

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Although most people would assume an affiliate program and a referral program are the same, that is not the case. Bitit, the company, known for letting users conveniently purchase Bitcoin with credit cards and cash, wants to thoroughly distinguish between these two features.

The Bitit referral program will let users earn 100 points – worth 1 Euro – for every friend completing a purchase using the referral link. These points can then be used as a discount on future Bitcoin purchases through the platform. Signing up for the referral program can be done directly from the Bitit Reward page.

Becoming a BitIt affiliate, on the other hand, is an entirely different process. Interested parties will need to send an email with the necessary information – including website URL and phone number – which will then be validated by the company. Once this process is complete, affiliates will receive a unique tracking link to distribute all over the Internet, and banners will be made available to promote this program.

Every Bitit user making a purchase through this affiliate link will become a lifetime affiliate. Users will also have access to Sales Recap reports to see whether or not their advertising strategy is working. Affiliates will earn 20% commission on the Bitit origination fee for every purchase made through their link, and the commission is paid out on a weekly basis. Commission will be earned for the rest of your life.

It is positive to see Bitcoin companies differentiate between these two schemes, as an affiliate and referral are not necessarily the same. These two programs give individual users a chance to test both business models and see which works best for them. People looking to buy Bitcoin from bItit in the future may be better off with the referral program, though.

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