Civic Team Confirms its “Unlocked” CVC Tokens Will not be Sold at This Time

There appears to be a lot of confusion regarding the future plans of Civic. This project, which successfully organized a…

2 years ago

What Are Civic’s ID Codes?

There are a lot of ways to implement blockchain technology. Civic is planning to do things especially differently with its…

4 years ago

What Is Civic Cryptocurrency?

Studies have shown that over 15.4 million individuals in the United States alone faced issues related to identity fraud and theft…

4 years ago

MedCredits Partners With Civic For Decentralized Registry

MedCredits, the Cayman Islands based project, is looking to construct the first decentralized public registry of physicians, which will be…

4 years ago

Votem Announces its Partnership with Civic to Bring The First-ever Decentralized KYC Process to The VAST Token Public Presale

CLEVELAND, OHIO USA. - Votem, the blockchain-based mobile voting platform, has announced a partnership with Civic to launch the first-ever…

4 years ago

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