MedCredits Partners With Civic For Decentralized Registry

MedCredits, the Cayman Islands based project, is looking to construct the first decentralized public registry of physicians, which will be accessible by a global network of healthcare applications. This is made possible in a partnership with Civic, the leading blockchain identity verification provider.

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Partnership For Mutual Benefits

Civic CEO Vinny Lingham echoed the value of a partnership with MedCredits, stating:

“This collaboration marks a milestone for Civic’s ecosystem in providing secure and low-cost access to identity verification services in healthcare. With Civic, MedCredits can ensure that the physicians submitting credentialing documents in the MedCredits registry are the actual owners of the documents while simultaneously preventing identity theft on the network.”

The partnership not only reduces costs and increases efficiency of professional credentialing, but also the pool of licensed physicians will allow healthcare apps to work in greater synergy.

Modern Technology Ensures Accuracy

Making the process of finding the right physician for everyone all that much easier, cutting-edge ID verification will be implanted alongside KYC regulations to ensure registered physicians are who they say they are, as well as ensuring they have the right licenses.

Independent reviewers will be utilized for the document verification process, and will be rewarded MedCredits’ native token, MEDX.

Dr. Moshe Praver, COO of MedCredits, describes the first-of-its-kind physician registry

Token-Curated Registries are the perfect use-case for blockchain technology. For the first time in history, the token economy allows the creation of decentralized registries of professionals. With the first decentralized registry of licensed physicians, we aim to be the base layer of any healthcare app that seeks a pool of doctors. The impact of this is enormous.”

Healthcare Becoming More Prominent

As of now, there is no easy way to compare doctors from a single source. With the numerous specialties, finding the right person for the various branches of medicine is a dizzying prospect and usually takes consultations or referrals.

The possibilities that MedCredits looks to unlock will usher in a new era of accessible healthcare for all. Chiropractors, OBGYN, pediatricians, and much more all at the touch of a fingerprint. With people living longer, healthcare is becoming more and more prevalent as life expectancies continue to grow.

About MedCredits

MedCredits is the first decentralized healthcare platform connecting patients and doctors worldwide for medical services. With its cutting edge Token-Curated Registry (TCR) of physicians, MedCredits creates a free-market ecosystem that provides more affordable and efficient healthcare than currently available. The first software release ‘Hippocrates’ is a user-friendly app released in December 2017 that uses MedCredits’ TCR to connect patients with skin ailments to dermatologists for fast diagnoses at a fraction of the cost.

About Civic

Civic is a visionary blockchain identity-verification technology that allows consumers to authorize the use of their identities in real time. They are spearheading the development of an ecosystem that is designed to facilitate on-demand, secure, and low-cost access to identity-verification services via the blockchain. Civic recently introduced a Civic token that participants in the ecosystem will use to provide and receive identity-verification-related services. The company sold $33 million of its tokens during its token sale event in June 2017.

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