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Novel Coronavirus can Cause 1.7 Million Deaths in the US

Following the recent developments regarding the novel coronavirus pandemic, several pressing questions need to be answered. Especially when it comes to death toll projections for the US, figures are all over the place.  To this date, the novel coronavirus situation in the US is seemingly under control. Novel Coronavirus Concerns Remain Compared to regions such as China, South Korea, Italy, and Iran, things could be far worse. That doesn’t mean …
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The CDC is Working on Serologic Tests for the Novel Coronavirus

To this date, the full scope of the novel coronavirus outbreak remains a big guessing game. The CDC may come up with a solution soon, as serologic tests are being developed. A vaccine for the novel coronavirus is still several months away, at least. A Proactive Approach to the Novel Coronavirus Finding some sort of other cure will not happen much sooner, if at all. In the meantime, it is …
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President of The Digital Chamber of Commerce Set Up in an Interview

There has been a surge of news articles regarding Blockchain technology adoption, many of these developments focuses on private ledgers and consortium Blockchains. The Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC) is a trade association pushing for Blockchain adoption and growth-oriented policy making, but a podcast interview with CDC’s president caused some heated discussion.  Blockchain is a word that is increasingly being used more often. Ventures, startups, consortiums and advocacies groups are populating …
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