President of The Digital Chamber of Commerce Set Up in an Interview

There has been a surge of news articles regarding Blockchain technology adoption, many of these developments focuses on private ledgers and consortium Blockchains. The Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC) is a trade association pushing for Blockchain adoption and growth-oriented policy making, but a podcast interview with CDC’s president caused some heated discussion. 

Blockchain is a word that is increasingly being used more often. Ventures, startups, consortiums and advocacies groups are populating the industry. The Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC) is a trade association representing the digital asset and blockchain industry, Perianne Boring, the founder and president of CDC previously stated the need for clear guidelines in order to tackle the regulatory complexities associated with Blockchain technology:

We’re bringing together the leading trade associations representing the digital assets/blockchain industry around the world. As we engage with these various governments, it’s important that the associations and stakeholders working with these public policymakers have some type of coordination to their efforts.

However, the validity of her claims and her reputation as a Blockchain advocate and lobbyist was challenged during a somewhat heated podcast interview carried out by Bitcoin Uncensored:

Perianne Boring of the Digital Chamber of Commerce comes onto Bitcoin Uncensored to discuss the Beauty of the Blockchain, it’s ubiquitous potential and regulatory arbitrage… Technical evaluation of however, is strictly optional.

In Boring’s own words, the Blockchain industry needs a regulatory framework that encourages growth, however the interview didn’t go as planned, according to the interviewers Perianne Boring and the Digital Chamber of Commerce is actively promoting scams, and the trade association’s members are projects that won’t come to fruition

Perianne Boring doesn’t know anything and she is embarrasing for the space.

The criticisms and arguments coming from the Bitcoin Uncensored hosts are based on Boring’s apparent lack of technical knowledge and skills. In the interviews point of view, the Crypto community is ill-represented by such actors. According to a podcast listener:

She appears to be exploiting her political links to snow both sides, Congress and Business, and use the buzzword “blockchain” to fleece both sides with no personal risk. She’ll just be the middleman facilitating handshake credibility between two parties who will quickly figure out she has no idea what she is promoting. This Digital Chamber could be a clumsy influence on U.S. Government policy.

Shortly after the podcast was made public, show host Chris DeRose revealed that Perianne Boring sent him an email demanding the deletion of the interview, and threatening legal action.

Is the Blockchain industry badly represented by non-technical or unskilled people, or was the interview conducted in an unprofessional manner intentionally misleading Perianne Boring?

Source: Reddit

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