The CDC is Working on Serologic Tests for the Novel Coronavirus

To this date, the full scope of the novel coronavirus outbreak remains a big guessing game. The CDC may come up with a solution soon, as serologic tests are being developed.

A vaccine for the novel coronavirus is still several months away, at least.

A Proactive Approach to the Novel Coronavirus

Finding some sort of other cure will not happen much sooner, if at all.

In the meantime, it is crucial to properly understand this pandemic and how it affects different countries.

For the CDC, that means developing new tests capable of providing more information regarding the novel coronavirus.

These serologic tests are slightly different from the ones used to testing for symptoms.

Under the new test, researchers can test anyone’s blood in regions where a lot of infections have been confirmed.

Based on that information, the CDC can determine if people are building up some sort of immunity to the novel coronavirus. 

Two types of tests are currently being developed, but more time is needed.

Proper evaluation is currently underway to determine if this approach is useful and viable.

It is a very prominent development, and one that is direly needed.

As the number of infected patients keeps rising drastically, proactive countermeasures are more than welcome.