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Stratis Team Releases Alpha Version of the Breeze Wallet

The Breeze Wallet developed by the Stratis team has already excited cryptocurrency enthusiasts. However, it has taken a while for an alpha version to get introduced to the public. That situation has now changed, and an alpha version of the Breeze Wallet is now available to all users. This wallet comes with TumbleBit technology and utilizes Stratis blockchain technology under the hood. Breeze Wallet Alpha is Finally Here For the longest time, Bitcoin users have …
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Breeze Wallet Integrates TumbleBit for Bitcoin Transaction Privacy

It has been a while since we last saw an update for the Breeze Wallet. As most people know by now, this project will introduce privacy for Bitcoin in the near future. It appears some significant progress has been made in that regard. TumbleBit has now been integrated into the wallet, which is a massive step in the right direction. It will be interesting to see how the Breeze Wallet affects Bitcoin usage …
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What is the Breeze Wallet?

It is obvious there are many different types of bitcoin wallets in existence. Some users prefer simplicity, whereas others want additional features to maintain privacy. The upcoming Breeze wallet will check a lot of the right boxes for users who value financial privacy while conducting blockchain-based transactions. It is time to take a look as to what this wallet entails exactly. A Closer Look At The Breeze Wallet For Financial …
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