What is the Breeze Wallet?

It is obvious there are many different types of bitcoin wallets in existence. Some users prefer simplicity, whereas others want additional features to maintain privacy. The upcoming Breeze wallet will check a lot of the right boxes for users who value financial privacy while conducting blockchain-based transactions. It is time to take a look as to what this wallet entails exactly.

A Closer Look At The Breeze Wallet For Financial Privacy

Up until this point, bitcoin users have had several ways to achieve financial privacy. Even though bitcoin lacks privacy-centric features in the first place, there are third-party services one can use to increase financial privacy. Tumbling services, also known as coin mixers, can provide this functionality for an additional fee to bitcoin users all over the world.

However, it appears a more convenient solution is just around the corner. The Breeze Wallet provides privacy features to all bitcoin and Stratis users in a user-friendly package. Under the hood, the Breeze Wallet uses TumbleBit technology, making this the world’s first bitcoin wallet addressing most privacy issues associated with blockchain transactions.

As of right now, cryptocurrency users are looking for more privacy-centric solutions. This is why alternative currencies such as Dash, Monero, PIVX, and a few others have started to gain significant momentum over the past few months. All of these currencies provide a degree of privacy and anonymity one cannot find as part of the bitcoin protocol. Then again, bitcoin was never designed to be a privacy-oriented or anonymous cryptocurrency either.

Thanks to project such as the Breeze Wallet, bitcoin users can still increase their blockchain transaction privacy. The reason for choosing TumbleBit as the protocol to power this new type of transaction is due to this project achieves truly private and unlinkable transactions. Moreover, there is no trust factor involved, contrary to how other tumbling and mixing services work. This also means payments can’t be stolen, which will put a lot of people’s minds at ease.

What is even more intriguing is how the TumbleBit protocol is fully compatible with the current bitcoin protocol. This means there is a convenient way to integrate both concepts into one user-friendly experience. One of the original contributors to the Tumblebit research paper – who goes by the name of Adam Fiscor – will aid in bringing this technology to bitcoin users all over the world. Quite an interesting development.

In the end, it is good to know developers are looking for ways to provide bitcoin users with additional privacy. More importantly, this is a feature bitcoin users can enjoy as they see fit, without it being forced upon the community in any way. Those users looking for more privacy will look forward to the Breeze Wallet review. Others may see this as an interesting project, even though they may not necessarily have a use for it. One can never have enough options in the bitcoin world, that much is certain.

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