Stratis Team Releases Alpha Version of the Breeze Wallet

The Breeze Wallet developed by the Stratis team has already excited cryptocurrency enthusiasts. However, it has taken a while for an alpha version to get introduced to the public. That situation has now changed, and an alpha version of the Breeze Wallet is now available to all users. This wallet comes with TumbleBit technology and utilizes Stratis blockchain technology under the hood.

Breeze Wallet Alpha is Finally Here

For the longest time, Bitcoin users have been looking for ways to introduce more privacy to their transactions. That has not been easy at all, since the protocol does not provide any native privacy features. In a lot of cases, Bitcoin enthusiasts have had to use a mixing service to realize more privacy and anonymity. Conjoin is another option worth exploring, although neither of these are terribly convenient.

Whether or not the Breeze Wallet will make a big impact remains to be determined. The wallet itself was developed by the Stratis team yet focuses on providing privacy and anonymity to Bitcoin as well. It has a unique coin shuffling and swapping feature which will make it stand out in the long run. By taking small denominations of BTC from source wallets, the technology can shuffle and swap coins with others before moving them to a destination address.

All of this technology is based on TumbleBit, which is well-known among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This feature is especially interesting to businesses that do not want to leave a trail of digital breadcrumbs when dealing with Bitcoin. Although it remains to be seen whether this integration is what people have been asking for, the concept can now be tried out by anyone who feels like doing so. Do keep in mind, however, the Breeze Wallet is still in the alpha stage and does not necessarily represent the final version.

Speaking of the alpha version, it does provide a lot of functionality. It has the TumbleBit technology under the hood and allows users to shuffle coins. However, this wallet is connected to the testnet and will only work with testnet currency. That is not entirely surprising, considering the Breeze Wallet only recently came out of private testing not long ago. With more people now giving the wallet a try, the developers can collect additional feedback and make further improvements.

Breeze Wallet is available for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu. Users no longer need to run Bitcoin Core alongside Breeze Wallet when attempting to shuffle and swap coins. That in itself is a major breakthrough, as it makes the whole solution a lot more convenient. Stratis Blockchain technologies provide all of the necessary “technology” to make the swapping and shuffling possible. Do keep in mind the goal is still to introduce Stratis Masternodes in the future, which are specifically designed to facilitate such shuffling features.

Last but not least, the developers warn that the Breeze Privacy protocol is very CPU-intensive. While a test server will be provided by the Stratis team, the goal is to stress test this server as much as possible. This may cause some people to be left out of the public test initially, although more server capacity will be added over time. Plus, users can get in touch with the team to set up their own dedicated servers. It will be interesting to see how the community responds to the Breeze Wallet.