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Bitcoin and Gold are key Assets for 2020, Bloomberg Analysts Claim

When looking for financial assets that may appreciate in value over time, many different options can be explored. If Bloomberg analysts are to be believed, all one needs is Bitcoin and gold to make a steady profit. Most of the financial markets had their key weaknesses exposed in recent months. All You Need is Bitcoin and Gold The COVID-19 crisis has certainly shown how feeble stocks and bonds are. More …
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Bitcoin Price Rebounds Swiftly Post PBOC Threats

An unexpected panic hit the Bitcoin markets yesterday as the bears made their presence known. After reports of PBOC holding a closed door meeting supposedly discussing AML issues with Bitcoin exchanges, the price dropped 5% as traders shorted the market. The PBOC recently conducted a closed-door meeting regarding further regulation of Chinese Bitcoin exchanges. They released a statement regarding their meeting which described the usual guidelines for exhcanges. They shouldn’t …
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