Bitcoin and Gold are key Assets for 2020, Bloomberg Analysts Claim

When looking for financial assets that may appreciate in value over time, many different options can be explored. If Bloomberg analysts are to be believed, all one needs is Bitcoin and gold to make a steady profit.

Most of the financial markets had their key weaknesses exposed in recent months.

All You Need is Bitcoin and Gold

The COVID-19 crisis has certainly shown how feeble stocks and bonds are.

More importantly, they seemingly have no room for future profits.

Things are very different when looking into alternative investment options.

Both Bitcoin and gold are getting a lot of attention, even though they have both dipped hard in the first few months of 2020.

Bloomberg analysts firmly believe that both assets will keep gaining value throughout the remainder of the year.

Following  a recent market recovery for both assets, such an outlook isn’t entirely baseless either.

The analysts confirm that both gold and Bitcoin are “building foundations for further price appreciation”.

That can only come true is proper price support levels have been established, which has yet to be confirmed.

Bitcoin’s recent $700 price drop confirms that market volatility is still a factor, now perhaps even more so than ever before. 

The coming months may prove rather crucial for both assets, either for better or worse.