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Asian Entities Seek “Partners” to Manipulate EOS BP Voting

Controversy is always looming around the corner in the cryptocurrency industry. A lot of shady deals are going on, although not all of them will have any lasting effect. In the EOS ecosystem, various proxies have been approached by third parties looking to gain control over their “votes” and to create value. It is a very problematic turn of events, although one that might not cause any problems as of …
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Top 6 EOS Block Producers in 2019

A lot of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects try to remain relevant. EOS has been an interesting case in this regard. It receives a lot of flack for allegedly being too decentralized. Recent statistics show there are plenty of block producers to go around. The following entities have all produced the most blocks on this network to date.  EOSCannonCHN It is evident that EOS’ block validation and production is very different …
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The Recent $7.7m EOS Theft can Make the Ecosystem Better

In the cryptocurrency world, stealing funds is nothing new under the sun whatsoever. While most of these thefts involve hacking exchanges or scamming users, it seems the recent $7.7m worth of EOS theft is a bit different. An internal mishap involving the 21 block producers has caused a very unfortunate incident to materialize. The $7.7m EOS Theft Explained A few days ago, the EOS community was made aware of an …
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