Top 6 EOS Block Producers in 2019

A lot of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects try to remain relevant. EOS has been an interesting case in this regard. It receives a lot of flack for allegedly being too decentralized. Recent statistics show there are plenty of block producers to go around. The following entities have all produced the most blocks on this network to date. 


It is evident that EOS’ block validation and production is very different from how Bitcoin and Ethereum operate. EOS Cannon positions itself as a leading global EOS community focused on ecological and cultural development. It is the #6 block producer for EOS, with 3,162,279 blocks produced to date. This represents 4.203% of the grand total. 


For those unfamiliar with EOSLaoMao, this initiative primarily focuses on maintaining a stable and fair network node capable of producing blocks. They are also in the process of building different dApps and smart contracts for users to take advantage of. To this date, this community has produced 3,290,130 blocks, which equals 4.373% of the total. 


StartEOS is another community associated with this popular blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. This company looks to foster the development of blockchain technology on a bigger scale. Starteos is also a digital wallet, which is often used in conjunction with cold-storage wallet Memory Box. As a block producer, this initiative produced 3,444,667 blocks, or 4.578% of the total so far. 


It is evident the Bitfinex team is more than willing to help produce blocks on the EOS network. The project has been running for over a full year now and shows no signs of slowing down as of yet. With its 3,498,267 blocks produced so far, it is keeping the top 2 BPs within reach.


It is safe to say EOS has gained a lot of traction throughout all of Asia. ZBEOS is no exception, as it is another Asian EOS block producer. It is the native project of the exchange team, which makes it somewhat similar to Bitfinex’s venture. To date, it remains the second-largest EOS block producer. The project is responsible for generating 4.746% of all blocks, or 3,570,738 blocks in total. 


Unsurprisingly, the largest EOS block producer to date is another Asian venture. The Huobi team set up a BP node quite some time ago, known as EosHuobiPool. By focusing on research and development, this venture aims to make a lasting impact. By producing 3,587,027 blocks – or 4.767% of the total – the project is doing what they intended to do. Remaining ahead of the competition could pose some challenges, especially now that over 50 block producers have joined the fray. 

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency or digital currency