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Bolenum Project Announces the Launch of the Bolenum Exchange Platform

The Bolenum project, the African blockchain project focused on adoption of cryptocurrency in the African continent has announced the launching of its beta crypto trading platform on February 20th, 2019. Registration and trading on the exchange platform is currently ongoing at https://beta.bolenum.com/ The platform has been under development since August 2017, and its development will cover three phases, namely the Bolenum exchange, the Bolenum wallet and the Bolenum remittance platform. …
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The Mission of the Bolenum Project

The implementation of Blockchain technologies since Bitcoin’s inception in 2009 has largely remained in the European, Asian, and North American continents. While the other areas have had exposure, the adoption rate of the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are much lower. This is why the Bolenum Project is looking to jumpstart the cryptocurrency revolution on the African Continent. The Opportunity at Hand Taking advantage of unutilized areas of the market usually is …
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