Tag: Black hat

New Operations Behind Big Cyber Crime Businesses

As the technology to fight cyber crime advances, cyber criminals are becoming more organized. Recent studies show that more and more cyber criminals are operating in such ways that it almost looks like they took examples from big business. Dark Net is home to a wide range of things, from information, to illegal goods. More and more hacker stores are popping up in marketplaces, forums, and .onion addresses themselves. Black …
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Microsoft Highlights a Brand New Way Hackers Can Get to Your Data

Since security researchers have shared information about web proxy configuration in operating systems and browsers can be misused to steal user data, hackers have figured out how. A team of Microsoft Malware researchers spotted, as well as analyzed a new attack that utilizes Word documents with malicious code, with no need to install traditional malware. It configures browsers to use a web proxy controlled by the hackers themselves. The hackers …
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White Hat Hacker Saved Uber From Login Bypass Exploit

As it turns out, no company is safe from exploits or vulnerabilities. Not even Uber, who paid a researcher US$10,000, to not reveal his login bypass exploit. Such a vulnerability could effectively cripple the service if the information got into the wrong hands. Uber Was Vulnerable To Dangerous Exploit The security vulnerability would have had some nasty effects on the Uber network. Bypassing the login form would let attacks access …
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