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Bitpetite Bitcoin Mixer Runs a Dubious Investment Program

There has always been a certain demand for Bitcoin mixing services. Given the fact that Bitcoin lacks privacy or anonymity, there are always people who wish to remove any traces associated with their coin balances. Bitpetite is one of the more recent Bitcoin mixers to have gained in popularity. However, it also offers an investment service which raises a lot more questions than it does answers. In fact, it has …
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BITPETITE Bitcoin Tumbler

Having evolved from seashells passed hand-to-hand to digits on an electronic screen, money has come a long way. Ten years ago e-currency was a curiosity – today it has become, for many, a necessity. However, anonymity remains the main difference between conventional cash and online currencies. It is a common misconception among users of cryptocurrencies that Bitcoin is anonymous. Bitcoin is actually pseudonymous, meaning that the user’s wallet number is …
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