BITPETITE Bitcoin Tumbler

Having evolved from seashells passed hand-to-hand to digits on an electronic screen, money has come a long way. Ten years ago e-currency was a curiosity – today it has become, for many, a necessity.

However, anonymity remains the main difference between conventional cash and online currencies. It is a common misconception among users of cryptocurrencies that Bitcoin is anonymous. Bitcoin is actually pseudonymous, meaning that the user’s wallet number is an alias, a pseudonym. If the pseudonym’s association with the identity of the wallet’s owner is exposed, the entire history of the transactions involving this wallet will be compromised.

BITPETITE solves the problem of anonymous money transfers. Most financial services abide by the KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) policies, which require customer identification. BITPETITE’s unique feature is that it does not require customers to complete the process of identification and does not store information about customers’ activity.

The system performs exchanges between customers’ money and e-currency drawn from anonymous reserves. The BITPETITE’s confidentiality protection technology involves sending funds to multiple client wallets at a time, delayed currency exchange, and randomized commission fees.

In order to function successfully, BITPETITE needs a constant monetary flow so as to provide high level of anonymity to customers. The more money the system has available in its reserves, the more effectively it can mask each electronic transaction.

This works in a similar way to a high-resolution display: the more pixels it has, the harder it is to spot each individual pixel. To facilitate the flow of funds, BITPETITE accepts partner investments and offers generous investment terms. With a 6-week deposit period, the investor earns 4.5% daily, and with a 9-week deposit, this interest is 3.6%.

The system’s most active investors can also earn additional income. BITPETITE rewards affiliate participants for each new partner they invite: for a first-tier referral, the participant receives 10% of each deposit, second-tier referrals bring the reward of 5%, and the third-tier ones, 2%. Currently we accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum, we also have other promising cryptocurrencies in our plans.

In order to provide extra security of the investments, BITPETITE offers the currency conversion feature. It enables investors to freeze the cryptocurrency exchange rate at the time of deposit, so that they will not lose money due to the exchange rate volatility.

Disclaimer: Bitcoin tumblers may be illegal in your jurisdiction. The Merkle is not liable for any repercussions that may ensue by using such a service.