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South African Kidnappers Demand a 15 Bitcoin Ransom

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have always been appealing to criminals. Whereas most of the illegal activity takes place online, that is not always the case. In South Africa, a kidnapping of a 12-year-old child is making headlines. This is mainly because the kidnappers have demanded a 15 Bitcoin ransom prior to releasing the child. Another Bitcoin-related Kidnapping In the world of criminal activity, covering one’s tracks is not all that …
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Kidnapped Exchange Analyst Pavel Lerner Freed After Paying Bitcoin Ransom

Pavel Lerner has been freed from captivity following his kidnapping this week. The EXMO analyst is physically unharmed and no longer being held hostage, according to a┬ácompany press release. Free at Last On December 26, Pavel Lerner, 40, was wrapping up work at his office in Kiev, Ukraine, where he works as the lead analyst of UK-based cryptocurrency exchange EXMO. Upon leaving work, Lerner was jumped by a group of …
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MongoDB Hackers Demand Bitcoin Ransom From Over 26,000 Compromised Servers

Even though Bitcoin lacks all of the properties criminals should look for in an anonymous currency, it is still quite popular. The recent wave of attacks against unprotected MongoDB databases illustrates that point perfectly. All of the groups responsible for these attacks have demanded payments be made in Bitcoin. This last wave of attacks saw over 26,000 servers getting hijacked, which is an astonishing number. These types of attacks have …
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