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iOS App Satoshi Informs Users On The Bitcoin Price And News

Educating people about Bitcoin and giving them access to the latest news is an important cog in the machine to take cryptocurrency mainstream in the coming years. Satoshi is a new iOS app that aims to achieve that goal, as they offer a Bitcoin price overview, as well as a newsfeed and calculator. Bitcoin Education For iOS Users With more and more mobile device users leaning towards apps these days, …
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The Bitcoin Ecosystem is In Better Shape Than People Want You To Believe

It goes without saying there has been a lot of debates and discussions taking place in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency lately. However, various industry experts feel how everybody should calm down, as the situation is far less dire than imagined.There is no reason to think Bitcoin is losing momentum, let alone dying, simply because of a few misconceptions. Also read: Host Card Emulation is a Prime Example …
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ShapeShift Adds Support For The Tether Cryptocurrency

Sahpeshift has been a company long invested and vested in Bitcoin among various other cryptocurrencies. With its continuous development in full swing, it comes as no surpirse as Tether a new currency is also added to the ranks at Shapeshift. The service famously known for being simple and easy to use has made another leap towards developing and expanding a service which will eventually fulfil the needs of all in …
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