Get Ready For International Bitcoin Day!

In order to properly celebrate the joyous digital currency that is Bitcoin, it should get its holiday or at least a yearly “day of Bitcoin”. Apparently I am not the only one who has been thinking along those lines, as International Bitcoin Day is coming to a location near you in 2016. A day which is focused on the usage of Bitcoin, I like the concept so far.

Global Bitcoin Usage

While Bitcoin is doing great in certain areas, it’s still been looked at something “illegal” or “dodgy” by the majority of the world’s population. For every piece of good news surrounding Bitcoin, there are at least as many or even more negative connotations to be made. The year 2015 has shown us exactly that once again, as it has been a turbulent first quarter, to say the least.

The idea of International Bitcoin Day is pretty simple: get as many people to use Bitcoin for all of their expenses during one day of the year. How this will be achieved exactly remains to be seen, as there are a lot of people who don’t [have access to]  any bitcoins right now. But there is still plenty of time to turn that situation around, as International Bitcoin Day won’t happen until January 3rd, 2016.

One way of supporting this initiative is by spreading Bitcoin among your friends and family. By creating a handful of paper wallets – each loaded with a small amount of Bitcoin – you could set up a mini-chain reaction of Bitcoin expenses, assuming you can find a product everyone wants to spend those bits on that is.

If we could somehow manage to create a unified goal of Bitcoin expenses for that day, that would bring more attention to International Bitcoin Day in my opinion. I’m not saying we should all donate to charity on the same day, as that would be just a one-time deal. But how can we get more people to use Bitcoin for paying everyday things?

Bitcoin debit cards could prove to be an interesting way of getting something done. As these cards are accepted in 170 [or slightly more] countries in the world, a few thousand of them pre-loaded with US$20 [or any other amount really] could set off the reaction we need. Especially because you can use them for everything you pay with a regular debit or credit card anyway.

While that idea may not have a big impact on the merchants – as they will just see it as a regular debit card transaction – it does plant a seed in the mind of people that Bitcoin can be used to pay for anything and everything. How that payment is executed is quite easy to grasp, as it is a traditional payment method most people are already acquainted with to this day.

Will you celebrate International Bitcoin Day, and if so, how will you do it? Let us know in the comments below!


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