ShapeShift Adds Support For The Tether Cryptocurrency

Sahpeshift has been a company long invested and vested in Bitcoin among various other cryptocurrencies. With its continuous development in full swing, it comes as no surpirse as Tether a new currency is also added to the ranks at Shapeshift. The service famously known for being simple and easy to use has made another leap towards developing and expanding a service which will eventually fulfil the needs of all in a future where crypto seems to rule the roost.

“Tether provides a stable token to trade against, offering our users interested in the stability of a fiat-backed asset more variety in their exchanges on ShapeShift.” said ShapeShift Founder and CEO Erik Voorhees. “We are excited to begin the Tether integration with tether USD₮ and look forward to adding all the new currency tether tokens in the future.”

Shapeshift is one of the most established services in the bitcoin sphere. Starting off as a simple experiment exploring solutions to easing the ever perplexing system of trading in cryptocurrencies. The unique idea has seen many firmly in the grasp of the service with the ease of use considered its best feature.

“ShapeShift is one of the easiest to use digital asset exchanges in the entire Blockchain ecosystem, built by true pioneers in this space,” said Craig Sellars, Co-Founder and CTO of Tether, “Now with Tether’s digital cash, ShapeShift users have the benefits of both fiat and digital currencies, instantly.”

The addition of tether has also allowed shapeshift to further expand as the tether cryptocurrency is linked to various other coins. This is thought to allow the shapeshift service to grow further accommodating further users needs. Below is the statement made by the Shapeshift team with regards to the many benefits users and the company will receive options to further expand in the future if they wish to do so.

Beginning with the integration of tether USD₮, ShapeShift intends to add other tether currencies such as tether EUR₮ and tether JPY₮ as well as provide exchange between the full list of ShapeShift-supported cryptocurrencies in the near future.

As the digital currency ecosystem continues to rapidly grow, integration between platforms is accelerating. has risen quickly as the most convenient way to buy or sell the leading digital assets. Tether’s fiat-backed token, along with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash, can now be bought and sold on the exchange site.

To conclude the innovation pioneered by the fiat backed Tether combined with the services provided by Shapeshift, have created another dimension to currency trading. Whilst the ease of trading with a locked exchange rate has benefited many, the addition of Tether will see the popularity of both parties increase significantly. Whilst Shapeshift is currently a trusted and established industry leader in providing currency exchange for your everyday consumer, it can also be said Tether too will prosper and provide consumers with a safe and easy way of transacting their cryptocurrencies.

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