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132 Android Apps are Embedded With Windows Malware

Cyber criminals have come up with yet another tactic that leaves security researchers puzzled. It appears windows malware code is showing up in Android applications all of a sudden. While that may sound rather strange, it appears several dozen Android apps are infected with malicious iFrames. All of these apps are currently listed in the Google Play Store, which makes this whole ordeal even more troublesome. Android Apps Contain Windows …
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Security Company Pays Hackers for Exploits With Bitcoin

Zero-day exploits are often bought and sold on illegal forums and darknet marketplaces. Zimperium, a company active in the security sector, has announced its plans to start buying zero-day exploits moving forward. Since most of these exploits are fixed rather quickly the value of such a tool diminishes over time. Zimperium is interesting in Android and iOS exploits specifically, which is quite an intriguing development. Buying Up Mobile Zero-day Exploits …
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