Major Dubai Telecom Company Du Experiments With Blockchain Technology

Du, an important telecommunications company based in Dubai, is experimenting with Blockchain technology and its applications with identity and authentification systems. The company acknowledges the potential of such solutions, Jose Valles, Du’s Vice president, stated the infinite number of possibility Blockchain tech entails.

The Dubai-based Telecom company is experimenting with Blockchain tech, as part of this effort, it has joined Dubai’s Global Blockchain Council (GBC), a union of more than 40 members, including Financial institutions, startups, and regulatory bodies.

Together the firms are exploring and doing research on blockchain’s applications to real-world scenarios, all under the wings of the Museum of the Future, a government institution. Last week, GBC members presented 7 proof-of-concept (PoC).

It was Du’s healthcare record transfer, and verifying system who got the spotlight, Du’s pilot project will introduce a safer common system for instantly sharing and verifying electronic health records between hospitals and clinics. The goal is to replace the lengthy existing manual process with a solution that can transfer and verify patients records.

Therefore, Du is focusing on solutions that can bring transparency and validation of information. Du already provides several transaction validation services to financial institutions. José Valles, Du’s vice president of enterprise commerce told Coindesk:

The number of opportunities is infinity. Blockchain is an underlying layer that can be used for a lot of things, wherever there is a transaction.

According to Valles, the research of healthcare solutions carried out by Du is a response to Dubai’s government concerns of illegal medical record tampering.

Du is not alone in this, recently, several announcements have placed blockchain technology close to the Healthcare industry, this includes Philip’s recently created Blockchain research lab, the goal is to brainstorm and prototype a variety of blockchain-based solutions and use cases of the novel technology. USA’s Congress House Committee received a statement about the use of blockchain in the health sector.

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