Healthcare Division of Philips Launches Blockchain Research Lab

Philips Healthcare, a subdivision of the Netherlands-based Royal Philips technology company, has announced the launch of its Blockchain Research Lab.

According to the launch site, Philips spent a considerable amount of time exploring distributed ledgers and blockchain tech, before deciding to form this group:

“Beginning in 2016, the Philips Blockchain Lab was established following six months of exploratory research into blockchain technology.”

The new laboratory is located at the company’s headquarters in Amsterdam, where IT professional from Philips, along with other partners, will be able to brainstorm and prototype a variety of blockchain-based solutions and use cases of the novel technology.

Philips first showed interest in blockchains in October of last year, when news leaked out that the company was collaboration with Tierion, a blockchain record maintenance developer. At the time, Arno Laeven, who now heads the Philips Blockchain Lab, told CoinDesk that Philips was interested in the applications of blockchains in the healthcare industry.

Leaven has made it clear that Philips is very interested in emerging technologies and their potential to improve existing business models:

“As a company committed to innovation you need to constantly explore new and emerging technologies and their application in areas where they might have an impact and added value.”

Philips is now “actively seeking” blockchain experts and developers, who are interested in applying their skills on several projects with the company.


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