USA’s Congress House Committie Receives a Statement of the Use of Blockchain in The Health Sector

United States Congress House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health received yesterday a statement from Scott Gottlieb MD Resident Fellow of the American Enterprise Institute, the document was based on Health Care Solutions to increase patient choice and plan innovation, the statement featured the use of Blockchain as a solution to empower next-generation computing infrastructure.

Scott Gottlieb is a medical doctor and resident fellow of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), yesterday he made a testimony for the Congress House Committee, the document features 12 pages of text explaining the difficulties that the health sector is suffering:

In recent years we have seen health insurance costs continue to increase, while the commercial health insurance options available to consumers have shrunken. More health plans are adopting narrow provider networks and closed drug formularies as a way to hold down costs, while aspects of the market have become less competitive on the whole.

The author explains the current state of things in the healthcare sector, focusing on the things that are slowing down the health insurance market, reducing high-quality and more affordable coverage options.

One can perhaps eventually envision a system in which consumers in a large, well-functioning pool who suffer from certain costlier conditions could have their subsidies adjusted automatically (at the time of enrollment) to reflect their higher costs. This can even provide incentive for health plans to recruit such individuals and actively manage their health and reduce the cost of care.

This hypothetical insurance pool could be developed using Blockchain technology, the author explains that such a system will need to be de-identified or anonymized because the data on the system can be used to infer or determine an underlying medical condition based on the subsidies and transactions on it.

Healthcare and the insurance industry are potential sectors that could benefit from implementing or developing Blockchain solutions, not too long ago Philips Healthcare, a subdivision of the Netherlands-based Royal Philips technology company, announced the launch of its Blockchain Research Lab. At the time, Arno Laeven heads the Philips Blockchain Lab stated:

As a company committed to innovation you need to constantly explore new and emerging technologies and their application in areas where they might have an impact and added value.

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