CryptoKitties Developers Face Lawsuit Over Alleged NDA Violation

In the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, interesting projects can be found on a regular basis. CryptoKitties has received a lot of attention, in part because the project raised $1 million. However, it appears a lawsuit may be coming the way of the CryptoKitties team. This is due to an alleged violation of a nondisclosure agreement.

A Major Concern for CryptoKitties?

While no one will deny the success CryptoKitties has seen over the past few months, it seems not everything is going the team’s way right now. Generating a lot of buzz and raising money in the process is only one part of the story. It appears there are a lot of things happening behind the scenes which do not look all that promising.

More specifically, there is an ongoing lawsuit against Axiom Zen, the developers of CryptoKitties. While their idea of creating blockchain assets which can be purchased, bred, and traded seems perfectly fine, there is some cause for concern. It is claimed that Axiom Zen’s team violated an NDA which was previously signed. Doing so is never a smart course of action, especially not for a successful project.

While it remains a bit unclear what this NDA entails exactly – for obvious reasons – there have been various reports of a Stephen Curry CryptoKitty, which would undoubtedly create a lot of excitement.

Any form of celebrity endorsement usually does well in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. We have seen this course of action involve initial coin offerings first and foremost, but it now seems it’s spilling over to other projects as well. Surprisingly, most references associated with the Stephen Curry CryptoKitty have been removed from the project’s website, which is rather unusual. Whether or not this means the Stephen Curry venture will not be pursued any longer remains to be seen.

The lawsuit, however, is of great concern right now. Depending on how this particular development plays out, things may go from bad to worse for the CryptoKitties team. Until more information is made available regarding the nature of the alleged NDA violation, there will be some speculation as to what is going on exactly and how it will affect the project moving forward.

All of this is a reminder that very few projects in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency are what they seem at first. In the case of CryptoKitties, the full repercussions have yet to be determined, but it is evident there will be some more snippets of information released regarding this lawsuit in the coming weeks. For now, existing CryptoKitties are seemingly safe, but that situation may change in the future.