KittyRace Lets CryptoKitties Race One Another on the Blockchain

It was only a matter of time until we saw some further developments in the CryptoKitties department. That particular project has raised a lot of money and attention over the past few months. KittyRace aims to build further on this concept by letting owners of CryptoKitties race their cats against one another. Whether or not there will be much of an interest in doing so is a different matter altogether.

KittyRace Also Welcomes Spectators

It is quite interesting to see how KittyRace aims to make an impact on the blockchain asset space. More specifically, the project takes a page out of the book of CryptoKitties and goes one step further. More specifically, this new platform lets owners of CryptoKitties race their assets against one another. While no one has asked for such a service, it is still pretty interesting to keep an eye on.

On paper, KittyRace lets users race their CryptoKitties, but it is also possible to spectate ongoing races. That in itself opens up a lot of new opportunities, although there may not be much interest in this concept. This project does bring an additional use case to CryptoKitties, as there have been some concerns over the long-term viability of this particular blockchain asset.

A total of 10 different CryptoKitties will be able to race against one another. Users will need to pay an entry fee in order to participate. The races themselves will be initiated by calling the KittyRace smart contract. The person who executes the contract will be reimbursed in the form of 10% of the initial fee. It is a pretty simple concept that may just work out in the long run, assuming people are willing to spend money to race in the first place.

Determining the outcome of every race is a bit different from what most people would expect. Every racer is given a score based on a provably fair random roll, genetic makeup, and position. There is a first-mover advantage when joining a race, as the first two entrants will receive one and two points, respectively. All other factors reward anywhere from zero to 19 points, and whoever accumulates the most points wins the race.

While this is a pretty interesting project in its own right, there are still a lot of questions regarding its long-term viability. Building further on the hype which CryptoKitties has generated could certainly work out, but there is still an overall sense that the initial buzz surrounding that project will run out. Creating unique blockchain assets is one thing, but ensuring there is a long-term business plan in place is something else entirely.