10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Into Cryptocurrency

Celebrities are always looking for ways to gain more exposure and put their existing clout to good use. That isn’t always easy, mind you, as opportunities aren’t necessarily a dime a dozen these days. This would certainly explain why so many celebrities have jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon as of late. Below are some of the most notorious names recently getting friendly with cryptocurrencies.

10. Jamie Foxx

When Jamie Foxx tweeted about a cryptocurrency ICO, the community was shocked and elated at the same time. Up to that point, after all, Foxx had shown zero interest in the concept of cryptocurrency. People will do some interesting things for money, and ICOs crave celebrity endorsements more than anything.

9. DJ Khaled

ICOs have attracted a lot of attention from celebrities these days. In most cases, famous people get paid pretty good money to endorse an initial coin offering of any kind. DJ Khaled jumped on this bandwagon quite some time ago by shilling the Centra ICO. It is one of the many cryptocurrency debit card projects currently in circulation.

8. Donald Glover

It was somewhat of a surprise to see Donald Glover jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. Then again, as a content creator, it makes a lot of sense to embrace new forms of money. During one of his interviews, he mentioned how Bitcoin could become a big success in due time. That’s a worthwhile endorsement that wasn’t linked to an ICO for a change.

7. Snoop Dogg

It is somewhat of an open secret that Snoop Dogg has been a fan of cryptocurrency for quite some time now. Although his initial plan to accept Bitcoin payments for a new album turned out to be a farce, Snoop Dogg never fully closed the door on the possibility. Still, his mention of the world’s leading cryptocurrency was appreciated by a lot of people.

6. Drew Carey

Everyone in the world knows Drew Carey, and he knows about Bitcoin. In his opinion, wider adoption of the world’s leading cryptocurrency is only a matter of time. Drew has been somewhat quiet on cryptocurrency over the past year or two, but his support appears to be intact for now.

5. Mel B

An often-heard complaint is how there aren’t enough women involved in cryptocurrency. Mel B is one of the few musical artists to accept Bitcoin payments for her music. It is unclear if she will accept BTC for her future albums as well, but the chance is very real that this partnership will continue for quite some time to come.

4. Floyd Mayweather Jr

It is quite interesting to see how many ICOs Floyd Mayweather Jr is planning to shill in the coming months. So far, he has been involved with at least two projects people know of, although it doesn’t appear as if this will be the end of it either. Celebrity endorsements may very well be the undoing of ICOs, although it remains to be seen if that will be the case.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow

More strong women in the cryptocurrency world can only be considered to be a good thing right now. Gwyneth Paltrow is a world-renowned actress as well as a cryptocurrency advisor. More specifically, Abra chose the actress as the startup’s advisor during a recent episode of Planet of the Apps on Apple TV. It’s an interesting venture which opens up a lot of exciting opportunities.

2. Ashton Kutcher

While most people know Kutcher as an actor who plays funny characters in movies and TV shows, he’s also a serious businessman. He is co-founder of BitPay investor A-Grade Investments. Moreover, he is a clear fan of decentralizing as many aspects of daily life as humanly possible. It will be interesting to see how these ventures play out moving forward.

1. Paris Hilton

Although Hilton’s involvement with cryptocurrency has been pretty limited so far, her endorsement of the Lydian ICO raised a lot of eyebrows. That wasn’t because of the project itself, but more so due to the association with the person behind it. Still, Hilton is a major media personality and perhaps the biggest public figure on this list right now.