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Monero Price Analysis for April, 17th – XMR Still Hopes For Further Growth

By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, author at RoboForex Blog On Friday, April 17th, the XMR has stopped growing, trading at 56.60 USD. On D1, Monero looks rather typical for the whole crypto market: the quotations are developing an uptrend as a correction after a wave of decline. A local pullback has tested from above 38.2% Fibo but the next momentum of growth may rise to 50.0% (61.28 USD) and 61.8% (69.59 USD) as …
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Monero Price Analysis for March, 24th – XMR Aiming At Further Correction

By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForex On Tuesday, March 24th, the XMR keeps bouncing off, generally trading at 45.38 USD. On D1 of the Monero, the last declining impulse has reached the support level of the descending channel. After a test of the support line, the quotations have started a bounce for a correction. By now, the pullback has reached 23.6% Fibo and is heading for 38.2% (52.98 USD) …
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A Monero Mining Bot Is Spreading Through Facebook Messenger

If you’ve interacted with Facebook, you may have had run-ins with spam bots that infest your profile (or your friends’ profiles) and post links or advertisements without your permission. Well, the same malware that tells your friends to “Check out this link for 90% off a BRAND NEW pair of Ray-Bans. WOW!” is now being used to mine cryptocurrency. A downloaded client runs mining software that contributes hashing power to the malware’s …
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