Author: James Woods

Purposed ‘Digital Gold’ BitGesell Unlocks Another Achievement with HotBit Exchange Listing

When Bitcoin emerged in 2009, the original vision was to solve the problem of peer-to-peer transactions on a global scale without intermediation. But as simple as the concept sounds, the original Bitcoin code may not have accounted for certain economic and technical overhead. For example, when there are a lot of transactions on the network, they result in a surge in fees and congestion, thereby defeating the objective of speedy …
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Is an entirely cashless economy the future?

Ever since Bitcoin made an entrance and became a household name, experts have been wondering if a transition to an entirely cashless economy is likely. As the rest of our world has become increasingly digitized, it seems ever more likely. For example, NJ Online Casino List has recognized that more and more people are moving towards online casinos as every element of our economy, including gaming, moves to the digital …
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What is Proton Chain? Introducing the Next Evolution in Fintech

Cashless transactions are on the rise, with credit cards and debit cards already having overtaken the greenback as the payment method of choice back in 2018. Although these payment methods are convenient from a user perspective, the underlying infrastructure is sluggish, often taking days for a transaction settlement to happen.  Furthermore, with credit card theft and account hacking so commonplace, users are increasingly asked to compromise more of their privacy …
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