Blockchain Platforms Reimagining the Online Casino Space

London, UK – The online gambling industry is in a significant period of change due to the rise in blockchain-based casino platforms. These platforms are built on blockchain technology, which makes for safe, transparent transactions. What’s more, the use of smart contracts guarantee automatic and instant payouts. What this does is remove the need for a centralised intermediary and provides users with a fair and transparent gambling experience.

Bitcasino, 1xBit, and FortuneJack offer a wide range of casino games for users to enjoy, including popular options such as slots, poker, blackjack and roulette. They also provide their own tokens, which can be used to play games and accrue rewards. These tokens can also be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges, providing an extra revenue stream for players.

One of the fundamental benefits of these platforms is their decentralisation, which allows for a high level of autonomy. This is in contrast to conventional online casino platforms, which are often subject to government restrictions and can be blocked in certain countries.

FortuneJack is a shining example of the concept of crypto gambling.

“Being one of the first in the game has enabled us to gain experience like none other in the industry. Everything we do is the result of great mastery and expertise. We offer the most diverse selection of entertainment in the casino business. Our promotions and bonus systems are second to none, and we prove that every single week with something unique and intriguing being offered to our players. We offer the best odds and opportunities to win, and we are proud of our flawless reputation when it comes to trust and fairness” comments FortuneJack CEO, Boris Kiknadze.

To educate players and promote these lucrative casino opportunities, UK casino sites portal,, has developed a comprehensive resource for UK players. On the website, gamblers can compare options from a long list of blockchain-based casino sites, researching each provider and making well-informed decisions surrounding their casino activities.

Steve Gummer, who heads up the Casino Sites platform, said:

“The increasing number of blockchain-based casino platforms illustrates that the UK gambling market is ready for this change in direction. These platforms, with their innovative technology and decentralised approach, are mapping the way for a new era of casino gambling. At, we allow users to search for, compare and register with such providers, all in one place!”

Photo by milos tomasevic on Unsplash