The Newest Crypto Projects on the Market

If there is one thing that the crypto industry has, it’s an abundance of projects hitting the market at any given time. There are already thousands of tokens in existence and more get added every other day. Whether it’s meme coins, utility tokens, stablecoins, and everything in between, there is no shortage of cryptos to invest in.

Recently, we’ve seen an influx of new crypto projects and all have something new and exciting to offer. For anyone looking for the most recent projects to put into their portfolio, there are certainly some that you should consider.

First, there is Wall Street Memes, a community-focused crypto token that taps into online meme culture. Even before $WSM hit the crypto market, it was backed by a community that boasts around a million members. Online communities centred around investing and Wall Street have shown their power in the past, especially with the GameStop saga. And Wall Street Memes is no different, having already launched a sold-out NFT project previously. The ERC-20-based token has a 2 billion unit supply and can be bought on its official website. Even as it is seeing massive community support, it is still styled as a rage against the machine-style token. 

Besides going up against the powers that be at Wall Street, there are also new crypto projects that are poised to do some good. Take Chimpzee, a crypto offering that is raising funds for wildlife conservation and to fight climate change. More specifically, Chimpzee is trying to conserve a 1,000 square meter area of the Australian rainforest and will dedicate 10% of its token supply and profits to these. Those who buy into the project can enjoy its Chimpzee shop, NFT marketplace, and Zero Tolerance Game. It raised over $1.4 million in its presale alone and will be hitting exchanges soon.

Another innovative project is BTC20, which offers users the unique chance to ‘stake’ Bitcoin. This is done via its ERC-20 crypto token which is priced at $1, which is the price that Bitcoin went for in 2011. Not only is the token sold for $1, but it can also be staked for rewards in perpetuity. Its token supply is set up in such a way that its 50 BTC20 tokens which are released with every block confirmation can go on for the next 120 years. Its staking rewards are distributed every 10 minutes and this could be a great long-term crypto investment. 

For those who grew up playing the Mortal Kombat games, Meme Kombat is a great option. As the name would imply, virtual fight tournaments are at the centre of these games, though the outcome isn’t based on skill but on AI. How this works is that players buy the native $MK token and stake it in the Meme Kombat arena for up to 112% APY. They then bet on the games, which are powered by AI and by winning, they get to multiply their earnings. This project is very much community and fun-centred and is one of the more light-hearted offerings in the market. 

Another GameFi offering that has hit the market is Pikamoon, a play-to-earn game that combines both battle and adventure. Players can use its NFT-based characters to explore four virtual regions, level up the characters, and connect with other players. The NFTs are given for free to anyone who holds the project’s native $PIKA token and rewards are distributed in $PIKA as well. The project has already raised $4 million and shows a lot of promise. As both an investment and a way to have fun, Pikamoon is certainly gaining a lot of traction ahead of its full launch. 

As 2023 enters its last quarter and we begin to look towards 2024, we are seeing an influx of crypto projects from every sub-niche. From GameFi offerings designed to appeal to gamers to meme tokens that serve their specific communities, crypto users are spoiled for choice. These tokens being released show how expansive the crypto market has become and how every class of consumer is being catered to. And for any crypto lover who wants to expand their portfolio in the coming weeks and months, the options are practically endless.

Photo by Kanchanara on Unsplash