A Quick Look At 5 Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet Solutions

When it comes to finding the perfect wallet for oneself, it is hard to find what one is looking for sometimes. A lot of users want to focus and anonymity and privacy when using Bitcoin, yet very few wallet solutions seem to allow for that. The ones who do, however, always come with a trade-off regarding either private key control, or limited supported for currencies other than Bitcoin.

Finding Anonymous Bitcoin Wallets Can Be Difficult

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Among more recent cryptocurrency wallet solutions, Bitlox has to be the done with the most focus on anonymity and privacy. This is a hardware solution, though, and comes with an e-paper display. But there are some drawbacks as well, as there is no 2FA, multi-signature support, or open source software. Moreover, some users have reported this wallet is rather difficult to use, and novice users may experience difficulties in this regard. Users are in full control of their private key, though.

Dark Wallet BTC and the Jaxx Wallet are two solutions which fall into the same category when it comes to certain aspects. Both solutions offer high anonymity and put the user in full control of private keys at all times. Moreover, both types seem easy enough to use, with no extra bells and whistles.

Jaxx is a bit different, though, as it is cross-platform compatible, whereas Dark Wallet is only a Chrome Browser plugin. Plus, Jaxx supports different cryptocurrencies and tokens.Both solutions offer centralized validation, yet Dark Wallet has a small edge due to supporting multi-signature. Additionally, this extension is open source, whereas Jaxx is not [yet].

MSigna is one of those wallet solutions very few people will have heard of. This is rather strange, considering it offers full node validation, high anonymity, and is rather easy to use. Moreover, there is support for multisig, and the code is open source. Offline storage and multi-device synchronization are two features a lot of people will appreciate.

Perhaps one of the oldest Bitcoin wallet solutions is called Multibit. Rather than offering fancy bells and whistles, Multibit focuses on a working wallet with anonymity support. There is no multisig support, though, but the code is open source. One potential drawback is how Multibit can be difficult to set up, especially for novice cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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