TheMerkle Interviews Bitlox President Dana Coe

We were granted an opportunity to get in touch with Dana Coe, President of Bitlox, and ask him some questions regarding the BitLox hardware Bitcoin wallet solution. As most people will be well aware of by now, BitLox is quite different from other hardware wallet offerings, as they take security to a whole new level.

Bitlox Interview With Dana Coe

– What made you guys decide to go to some of the more “extreme” security measures for this physical Bitcoin wallet solution?

We like to sit around and “wargame” various scenarios when it comes to security. Such things as, “What if the device gets stolen?” “What if you are robbed of the device at gunpoint?” “What if you are tackled in a public library as you are making a transaction?” “What if someone surreptitiously swaps your BitLox for a doctored device?”

These are all valid concerns of at least a subset of people using Bitcoin. We’ve tried to design a device/system where you can have varying degrees of security for your personal system.

– How has the feedback since your launch announcement been so far? Was there anything that surprised you so far?

Feedback has been great! What has surprised me is that the majority of users are opting for the titanium “Ultimate” set, and a large number have also bought the “Extreme Privacy Set” with the accompanying USB secure vault.

– Why did you pick the name “Bitlox”? Does it refer to “lock for a Bitcoin wallet” or is there a story behind the name?

We actually ran a contest to come up with the name. Bitlox was the one we thought communicated our mission the best.

– Where do you see the BitLox Ambassador program head over the next 12 months? Has there been an interest in this program so far, and if so, is there any particular region that stands out?

Yes, we’ve had interest from a variety of sources, mainly the Spanish language Bitcoin space. We are all for that, as the device itself can be configured to display any of 10 languages (English/German/Russian/Chinese/Czech/Spanish/French/Portuguese/Italian/Turkish).


Header image courtesy of BitLox.

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