KeepKey LLC Acquires Bitcoin Wallet Provider MultiBit

MultiBit has been one of the longest running Bitcoin wallet solutions in existence, yet it seems the company has been acquired. KeepKey LLC, the company behind the popular hardware bitcoin wallet solution, has bought MultiBit.

What Does This Mean For MultiBit?

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It is quite a significant move to see a hardware Bitcoin wallet manufacturer purchase a software-based solution. By the look of things, KeepKey LLC will not be acquiring the MultiBit staff, or at least not for this software project. Moreover, all of the MultiBit code will be transferred the KeepKey, along with the website.

MultiBit HD users will not see any significant changes during the transitioning process, other than the code base being maintained by other developers in the future. For tech-savvy users, this also means the MultiBit HD installers will be signed by Keepkey LLC in the future, which also brings new PGP signatures to the table as of the next software upgrade.

What is interesting to note is how KeepKey will continue to maintain MultiBit HD as an open source project. MultiBit Classic, on the other hand, will be discontinued in the future, and all users should migrate to HD as soon as possible. More information regarding shutting down MultiBit Classic will follow in the next few weeks.

Keeping in mind how MultiBit has been around since 2011, the software solution has become one of the most popular wallets in the Bitcoin world. Several years of hard work and continual development has brought a lot of attention to this project, and the acquisition by keepKey LLC should be seen as a reward.

It is unclear as to what will happen with the MultiBit developers as they will be taking a step back from further development. Both Jim and Gary have created a very powerful and respected Bitcoin wallet solution over the past five years, and their expertise will be more than welcome for future projects, whichever those may be.

Source: MultiBit

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