Jaxx Wallet Adds Support to The DAO Tokens

Decentral, the Canadian company, has finally added support for DAO Tokens in their multi-platform Ethereum light wallet Jaxx. Capture

After a short 3-day delay, Decentral has finally added support for The DAO tokens in their excellent Ethereum/Bitcoin wallet Jaxx. The software is available in a myriad of platforms, including Android, Chrome, Desktop, and Firefox. The iOS version is expected to go live in 24-36 hours time, pending Apple’s standard review process.

The company stated:

The DAO has captured the imagination of the Ethereum community and beyond, and has been widely discussed in the mainstream media. For all of the chatter, there are still very few options for DAO tokenholders to actually manage their tokens.

The DAO token is now represented in a tab located at the upper section of the wallet’s main screen, users are able to quickly switch between Bitcoin, Ethereum, and now The DAO tokens. Decentral said that users will be able to transact with DAO tokens, send them to external services, or shift/pool them between Jaxx addresses as desired.

Jaxx doesn’t have a DAO Transaction History ready yet, but the company promised that the feature will be added soon. Another addition that will be included shortly is a Proposals and Voting display that will let you browse and vote on Proposals directly within Jaxx.

The company has also stated that more announcements will come soon:

Last week, we unveiled RocketDAO, our web portal for browsing, creating, submitting, and voting on Proposals. RocketDAO will be powered by Jaxx and will act as your complete DAO command centre, from which you can take advantage of all The DAO has to offer. We have a few more announcements and reveals still to come this week, so keep your eyes peeled as the Many Days of Jaxx roll on

The Jaxx wallet is very convenient, as users don’t have to download the entire Ethereum Blockchain, additionally, the wallet is available in a huge variety of platforms, the addition of DAO tokens is a step in the right directions, as more features are always welcomed.

Apple users can now download the app of The Merkle in the App Store!

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