Uber Installs Digital Taxi Meters To Comply With Regulation In India

Uber is one of the most prominent and disruptive companies the ride-sharing industry has seen to date. But despite their initial success, the company is facing a lot of opposition in certain regions. India is one of those areas where the company is forced to go the extra mile. Installing digital taxi meters is just one example of how determined Uber is.

India And Uber Remain an Odd Couple

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Ride-sharing platforms are easy to come by India, as many different companies are focusing their attention on this particular industry. Uber is one of those players, yet they are struggling to gain significant ground. The company has been making some changes to taxis, though, by installing a digital taxi meter in the glove compartment. Moreover, drivers have taxi boards in their car, indicating how Uber cabs will look in the future.

It is worth noting Uber provided all of the necessary equipment and even took care of all individual car fittings as well. Albeit these cab drivers had some idle time, the company compensated them for this delay as well. It is clear Uber wants to convince local cab drivers to act as an Uber agent moving forward.

There is a standoff between Uber and regulators in the state of Karnataka. By introducing new types of regulation that require drivers to obtain documentation for themselves and the car, things have taken a turn for the worse. Among these documents are also police verification of the identity and home address, as well as proof of roadworthiness of the vehicle. So far, 150-ish drivers in the region have gone through this painstaking process.

Albeit Uber attempted to apply for the new cab aggregator license in the state, they were denied by government officials. According to their official explanation, the company “did not fully comply with with the requirements”. Now that fare meters and taxi boards have been provided, there should be no further objection to not give the license if Uber were to send in a new application.

In the end, it would be in everybody’s best interest if common sense prevails over stubborn regulator mindsets. Uber seems to be doing everything they can to comply with requirements, yet it remains to be seen whether or not these efforts are in vain. Keeping an open dialogue between the company and regulators seems to be the right way forward.

Source: Tech In Asia

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