Uber Launches UberBike For Cyclists In Amsterdam

In a rather surprising turn of events, Uber has chosen to venture into the world of biking. This may seem like a strange decision by the popular ride-sharing company, but their new initiative in Amsterdam holds a lot of merit.

Uberbike Is A Thing Now

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Most people know Uber as a ride-sharing platform, where anyone can be picked up at any given time, and be driven to their destination. This solution allows drivers to make some additional money as well, by using their own card and driving people around. But Uber wants to be about so much more than just cars, as they are now targeting the bike market as well.

UberBike, as this new service is called, is launching in the city of Amsterdam. That is by design, rather than by coincidence, as there are more bikes than people in the city. Additionally, it is far more convenient to bike in Amsterdam than it is to drive a car, due to congestion and one-way streets.

What makes Uberbike so appealing is how cyclists can order a car equipped with a bike rack. This makes it easier for cycling enthusiasts to go their preferred destination in a convenient manner, rather than driving the bike there and be semi-fatigued already. It sounds strange on paper, but there is a valuable business model behind this concept.

Similar to the traditional Uber service, UberBike users can see the new option with the same application, and use the same method to hail their ride. Once the ride arrives, attach the bike to the rack on the back of the car, get in, and drive to wherever one wants to go. A more than valuable solution for those residents who do not have a car, yet want to go for a nice bike ride outside the city center.

One thing to take into account is how UberBike is not cheap. The price is the same as using UberX, but there is an additional 4 EUR fee for the bike itself. This may not be worth it to all cyclists in Amsterdam, but Uber feels confident there is a market for this type of service. Depending on how the trial goes, the company may expand this offering to other regions.

Source: TechCrunch

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