Bitcoin Regulator Benjamin Lawsky Now Offers Blockchain Consulting To Axoni

People active in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency will remember the name Benjamin Lawsky as this is the person responsible for the BitLicense regulation. But life has a funny way of creating the paths that take us to new heights, and Lawsky is warming up to blockchain technology as of late. In fact, his current consultancy project is a media liaison and advisor for Axoni, a new player on the block[chain].

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The Lawsky Group Consults On Blockchain

TheMerkle_Benjamin Lawsky Blockchain Consultancy

Benjamin Lawsky is not the first, nor the last person to be aggressive on Bitcoin while taking a liking to blockchain technology. The main difference between the two is how the blockchain can be either permissioned or permissionless whereas Bitcoin will always be outside of the control of banks and governments around the world.

But the Lawsky Group, a consultancy firm created by Benjamin Lawsky, is currently advising Axoni, a new blockchain technology firm. Avid blockchain enthusiasts will have heard this name before, as Axoni has successfully tested distributed ledger technology for back-office settlement related to derivatives transactions.

For the time being, Lawsky Group is planning to offer its blockchain consultancy services to a broad range of financial players, and even other fintech public relations. There is a lot of focus on this technology from all over the world, and multiple experiments are taking place behind closed doors.  No one wants to miss being part of the ‘next big thing”, particularly when the financial sector is concerned.

Some people within the Bitcoin community might be annoyed knowing that Benjamin Lawsky of all people is offering consultancy on blockchain technology right now. After all, this is the person who created the BitLicense regulations for Bitcoin companies, forcing them to log all types of sensitive information about their customers, and hand over that information to law enforcement when needed.

That being said, the main man behind Lawsky Group has a direct line to regulators in the financial world, which can further advance his company in the coming years. Those types of “partnerships” are invaluable for any consultancy firm, as they can provide the best of both worlds while avoiding any regulatory pitfalls.

Source: Fortune

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