Tron and BitTorrent Prepare to Welcome the DLive Audience

Mergers and acquisitions are a common theme in the financial industry. Even in the crypto world, joining forces is often better than slowly withering away. 

DLive, a live streaming platform utilizing blockchain technology, has made some big announcements.

DLive Moves to Tron and BitTorrent

First of all, it will switch from the Lino blockchain to Tron.

Secondly, it will become part of the BitTorrent ecosystem as a result.

Both of these changes are very interesting and can have major consequences.

DLive has always positioned itself a Twitch competitor, but with a focus on decentralization.

It has also attracted one of the biggest streamers, as Pewdiepie seems to like this platform quite a bit. 

The project will begin advertising its products and services on BitTorrent.

It will also use this service for storage of on-demand video replays.

It is also believed that BLive the native BitTorrent live streaming platform, will be integrated into DLive. 

For the Tron ecosystem, this is a pretty major deal.

It shows how this particular blockchain can offer advantages not found in any of the other alternatives.

How this will affect the service itself, remains to be seen.

Abandoning Lino as its native blockchain is not cut-and-dried either.

This technology will be integrated into BitTorrent, but the native LINO currency will no longer have any real value.