TRON Foundation Regains Control Over $400 Million in TRX

Several cryptocurrency projects have locked up part of their supply a while ago. TRON is no exception, as its lockup occurred in December of 2017.

It now appears that this funds is back under control of the TRON Foundation

Plenty of TRON to go Around

That in itself is not necessarily something to be concerned about.

Some may feel uneasy knowing that the Foundation controls roughly $400 million worth of TRX at this time.

This will undoubtedly spark serious speculation and potentially some FUD.

With one-third of the supply in circulation, anything can happen.

It is not in the best interest of the TRON Foundation to dump this on the market, however. 

All major crypto transactions are closely monitored on social media.

Hiding tracks of doing so would be virtually impossible after the fact. 

Additionally, there has not been any official communication as to how the funds will be used.

A new lock-up is one of the opportunities to explore. 

Burning the supply would be another option to keep the community happen.

Then again, letting $400 million in TRX go up in smoke is not necessarily a viable outcome.

Some sources already claim how this will impact the TRON price in a negative manner.

That seems unlikely, albeit nothing is ever set in stone in this industry.