Top 3 Popular eSports Games That Will Change Bitcoin Gambling

The world of Bitcoin gambling will undergo some major changes in the coming years. Although many people are hopeful to see cryptocurrency become a deposit method for real casinos soon, that may be a bit optimistic. But one that will change the gambling industry is the emergence of eSports. In fact, three leading eSports games will undoubtedly attract attention from Bitcoin users.

The correlation between eSports, Bitcoin, and millennials is one that should not be overlooked. Younger generations find competitive video gaming normal, whereas older generations think of it as a “flash in the pan”. In recent years, the popularity surge of eSports has been quite noticeable and will continue to gain more mainstream attention in the future.

#3 CS: GO

One of the most prominent eSports games in existence right now is CS: GO.  Although this game has been out for quite some time, it is one of the most active and engaging competitions in the video game world. Tournaments are hosted very frequently, and significant prize pools attract a lot of players from all over the world.

So far, a few Bitcoin gambling platforms have been adding an eSports category in recent months. It is not surprising to see CS: GO listed on every platform that has added eSports gambling opportunities. CS: GO is the most commonly known and played online game in the world, and there are plenty of options to wager on the outcome of tournaments.

#2 League of Legends

When people talk about eSports, the discussion will ultimately turn to League of Legends. With its global competitions, mainstream appeal, and growing prize pools, League of Legends can be seen as one of the primary eSports branches to keep an eye on. In fact with movie theaters hosting special screenings for the yearly global tournament finals, it is not hard to see where the appeal is coming from.

For Bitcoin gambling operators, LoL presents a golden opportunity to attract more customers than ever before. Bitcoin also makes it easier for underage enthusiasts to wager on the outcome of tournaments without necessarily creating a gambling addiction overnight. Then again, some parent guidance or oversight by an older sibling may be advised.

#1 Blizzard Games, Particularly Overwatch

The third game or group of games that will gain more popularity than ever before are the Blizzard games. Starcraft II, World of Warcraft, and the recently launched Overwatch all present excellent Bitcoin gambling opportunities for platform operators. Keeping tabs on the eSports industry is of the utmost importance, and it may even create a few new jobs in the gambling industry as a whole.

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