Level Up Proof of Concept Merges Cryptocurrency and eSports

There is an undeniable correlation between eSports and cryptocurrency, albeit it needs to be explored further. Level Up, a new platform for gamers, wants to reward users with XPER. Every user who wins an eSports challenge will be eligible for rewards. Participation can occur as a solo player or by queuing up as a team.

What Is Level Up All About?

On paper, the concept of Level Up sounds pretty solid. The current plan is to create a platform where gamers on all platforms can create an account to compete. This means PC, console, and mobile gamers will be welcome to participate, which is good news. All of these platforms deserve an equally big spotlight in the gaming industry.

Once the user has created their account, they will need to select which eSports to compete in. Matchmaking can be done in two different ways: professional competition or farming. This latter option is a safe bet, as players will not lose any of their XPER balance when losing the challenge. Professional challenges will have an equal risk and reward ratio.

Once matches finish, the players will need to return – or be returned – to the Level Up application. Players will need to verify who won – which may need to be swapped out for a smart contract to avoid issues. Assuming there is no disagreement, the winner will be paid in XPER, and the records of both players will be updated. There is still a lot of room left to automate a lot of these processes, though.

What is rather interesting is how other players will act as intermediaries if there would be a dispute. Players get to review all of the evidence and determine who is right or wrong to challenge the outcome.This should ensure fairness, albeit it is unknown as to how these players will be selected for the review process.

For now, Level Up remains a proof of concept and had not been officially developed yet. The creator has explained the concepts a bit further on Youtube, and it is clear he is on to something. The bigger question is why we would need XPER as a reward system instead of using Bitcoin or other existing cryptocurrencies.

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