Bitcoin Gambling Review –

Bitcoin gambling platforms are not difficult to come by, but there is always room for more competition. As new players emerge, potential clients have high expectations. When Powerbet announced their launch, it became apparent from day one that they could threaten any established betting platform in the Bitcoin industry.

Powerbet is Off To An Excellent Start

Although the Powerbet platform was only launched recently, the team has put in a lot of effort to make it appealing from day one. There are a ton of different sports and events one can put a wager on. In fact, the owners guarantee that there will be over 10,000 live events every single month that span more than a dozen different sports.

There is nothing more annoying than dealing with a betting platform and not finding the game one is looking for. Powerbet will have just about anything covered that one can imagine, and they even support the first and second soccer division of virtually every country. But there are also some more “exotic” sports, such as Bandy, Pesapallo, and Futsal. This sheer dedication to looking beyond traditional sports is more than welcome. One noticeably absent offering, however, is Mixed Martial Arts, but you can’t have everything you want from day one.

Promotions play a significant role in signing up new clients to the PowerBet platform. Similar to other Bitcoin gambling platforms, there is a bonus for new players. Powerbet will match the user’s first deposit for 50%, up to 150 mBTC. There’s also a 50% Parlay Bonus, which is added automatically to amounts won. More information on these promotions can be found here.

There is no affiliate program yet, but it seems one is in the works. There are other things which give Powerbet an advantage, though, such as their instant withdrawals. Once players have played a few games, and hopefully made a profit, they can cash out their balance immediately–no more waiting for withdrawals to be processed manually, which is a nice change of pace.

For a young platform, PowerBet seems to have their ducks in a row already. Some improvements, however, could be made over time. Adding Mixed Martial Arts betting is worth exploring for sure. There is also no company information on the site, which may put off some people. This is not a big deal breaker, but there is nothing wrong with being transparent either.