Top 6 Companies and Projects Supporting Both SegWit and Bitcoin Unlimited

As the discussion regarding SegWit and Bitcoin Unlimited continues to heat up, the battle lines are being drawn. Several companies and project only support one out of two solutions, even though there a handful of exceptions. We have looked up some companies that are willing to support both SegWit and Bitcoin Unlimited. This type of approach is perhaps the best course of action until this debate is settled once and for all.

6. BitAps

Even though this platform is not necessarily known to a lot of people, BitAps offers a valuable service to the bitcoin ecosystem. BitAps offers REST API services to developers all over the world, as well as merchant tools for enterprises looking to venture into the world of cryptocurrency. It is interesting to see this company support both SegWit and Unlimited, although it is a bit unclear if this also extends to their merchant features.

5. Bitzillions

The Bitzillions project is quite interesting. Games are considered to be a great way to introduce new people to bitcoin and cryptocurrency. This platform’s SatoshiBones game will support both Unlimited and SegWit, which makes it one of the only gaming platforms to take a clear stance regarding this debate. At the same time, if Unlimited were to split away from Bitcoin itself, Bitzillions will provide a “use case” for the BTU token, by the look of things.

4. Bitcoin Vietnam

While most bitcoin exchanges are not sure on how to handle the SegWit/Unlimited situation, Bitcoin Vietnam plans to support both solutions moving forward. That is quite significant considering the platform is often used to buy and sell bitcoin. A brokerage service showing support for both Core and Unlimited is invaluable at this stage, that much is certain. It is unclear how this platform will list Bitcoin Unlimited if it were to become an altcoin.

3. OKCoin

OKCoin is the only major bitcoin exchange to take a clear stance on the bitcoin debate right now. The company has vowed to support both Core and Unlimited, regardless of how the situation plays out in the end. It is expected other exchanges will weigh in on this debate over the next few weeks, although no one knows exactly what the future will hold. Decisions like these need to be weighed out carefully, that much is certain.

2. ShapeShift

It is not surprising to learn ShapeShift will support both versions of bitcoin moving forward. Supporting the longest chain is the most common decision, yet Shapeshift feels showing some love to the alternative chain is the best course of action. It will all depend on which chain is the longest and how exchanges will determine which currency is the official bitcoin. Then again, Shapeshift supporting both, means converting between the two chains should be a trivial matter.

1. BitClub

Earlier today, the BitClub mining pool mined the very first network block that supports both SegWit and Bitcoin Unlimited signaling. This is quite a unique feat in the world of bitcoin right now, as mining pools tend to choose one solution or the other. This creates a rather awkward yet intriguing situation for mining pools moving forward, though. Since there is no client supporting both BU and Segwit at the same time, implementing EB1/AD9999999 allows this pool to signal both. Effectively this adds a fourth choice for mining pools, they can either support SegWit, support BU, not support either, or support both.

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