OKCoin is Experimenting With Ethereum Trading In Their Platform

Rumours sparked yesterday about a possible inclusion of Ethereum Trading on OKCoin’s Assets Exchange, the website was showing signs of integration with Ether trading, but they removed these changes, and OKCoin issued a short statement denying the inclusion of the Cryptocurrency. 

OKCoin is one of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges in the world, yesterday, the website showed traces of a possible inclusion of Ethereum in its operations, similar to the changes made with Bitfinex’s trading platform before they included what is now the number 2 cryptocurrency by Market Capitalization in their website.

The rumors began when OKCoin’s website listed what appears to be an Ethereum wallet balance, although the changes were removed, an archive copy of the site is accessible through this link.

Image showing the inclusion of Ethereum into the exchange’s platform.

This discovery ignited a +8% increase in Ethereum’s valuation on the markets, however, OKCoin tweeted a short statement on these events:

Consistent with our last notice, our stance on ETH has not changed. We experiment with and review the development of all assets.

This has not prevented Ethereum holders and speculators from celebrating on the markets, as users have already faced a similar situation when Bitfinex -another popular Cryptocurrency Exchange- denied the rumors about the inclusion of Ethereum in their platform, a month after they released the statement denying the speculations, the Exchange changed its stance on the matter and added Ethereum.

OKCoin already made a statement about the possibility of adding Ethereum in their operations, on April 16 the exchange published another short tweet:

OKCoin at this time will not offer ETH trading. We will continue to monitor its development.

Founded in 2013 by CEO Star Xu in 2013, the company has raised millions of dollars in investment from several Venture Capitals -VCs-, OKCoin claims to be the biggest Cryptocurrency exchange in the world, with daily volumes of over 1 million Bitcoins, however, there has been some allegations that the trading volume is exaggerated due to the fact that there are no trading fees on some Chinese exchanges, so trading back and forth represents no extra costs to the user.

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