Top 6 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Books to Check out This Summer

Getting more people interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency can be quite the challenge. Recommending a few books to read can certainly help in this regard, and there are plenty of options. We have collected a brief list of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related books well worth checking out. There are a lot more books regarding these topics out there, but here are some of our favorites.

6. The Business Blockchain by William Mougayar

It is good to see industry experts weighing in on how blockchain technology will impact our society as a whole. William Mougayar has put together an amazing book titled The Business Blockchain: Promise, Practice, and Application of the Next Internet Technology. Even though there are quite a few technical references in this book, it is certainly worth checking out for everyone who has an interest in cryptocurrency. After all, the blockchain is what powers all major cryptocurrencies.

5. Blockchain: Down The Rabbit Hole by Tim Lea

Although this is one of the lesser-known books discussing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, it is certainly worth giving a read. Right now, your best bet is to find the book in Kindle format, since paper versions are a bit difficult to come by. There is a bright future ahead for blockchain technology, which in turn can be quite positive for the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole. The book is approachable for all readers, regardless of prior technical knowledge or coding experience.

4. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies by Various Writers

When Princeton University announced they would release its own book about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, many were surprised. After finishing the book, I can confirm there is a lot of great information to be found in this volume. It touches upon the concept of cryptocurrencies, how their mechanics work, and some technical explanations. Users can also access a complementary platform with instructional videos and assignments. The book is written by five different contributors, all of whom successfully explain the basics everyone should be familiar with right now.

3. Blockchain Revolution by Don and Alex Tapscott

We touched upon this particular book in a separate article in September of 2016. Blockchain Revolution is a very comprehensive book containing tons of information and insights from which anyone can learn. There is also a strong focus on blockchain technology from the perspective of “what is it would change this or that aspect of daily life.” It features quite a few hypothetical use cases for blockchain technology to which everyone can relate. It is a very approachable book and one that is surprisingly difficult to put down once you’ve gotten into it.

2. The Age of Cryptocurrency by Paul Vigna and Michael J Casey

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts will have heard of this book before. It was released over a year ago and has quickly become somewhat of a fan favorite among Bitcoin and blockchain enthusiasts worldwide. While Bitcoin and blockchain have both become buzzwords of a sort, most people still have quite a lot to learn about both concepts. This book certainly helps out in that regard, as it tries to answer the one question on most people’s minds: “Why should I care about Bitcoin or blockchain?”

1. Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

If there is one book related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency that no one should overlook, it is Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Currencies by Andreas M. Antonopoulos. Andreas is by far one of the most educated people in Bitcoin and in cryptocurrency. He also has a great way of explaining these difficult concepts in such a way that people can relate to them. This translates well to his book, which is an absolute must-read for everyone looking to venture into the world of cryptocurrency.