3 Top Bitcoin Thought Leaders Worth Checking Out

Bitcoin has many influencers, which makes it rather hard to put together a brief list of  top people to watch. As is the case with such a topic, everyone has their own thought leaders and preferred bitcoin users whom they keep tabs on. But when you cut away the people running a business or company in Bitcoin, the list suddenly becomes a lot shorter.

#3 Satoshi Nakamoto

One cannot start a list of Bitcoin influencers without mentioning the person who has made all of this possible in the first place. Satoshi Nakamoto, whoever he, she, or they may be, is quite infamous for bringing Bitcoin to the world and deserves more respect than anyone else who got into cryptocurrency after him. Even though Satoshi has been absent for many years now,  “he” should never be forgotten.

For some reason , most people would not think of Satoshi Nakamoto as a Bitcoin influencer, which is rather odd. After all, who influences a project more than the entity responsible for creating it in the first place? Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to keep track of what Satoshi is doing these days, as no one knows “his” true identity. But Wikipedia is your friend in this regard, as it contains all the knowledge one needs.

#2 Andreas Antonopoulos

In the number two spot, there should be none other than the public spokesperson of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, one of the most respected individuals in the Bitcoin ecosystem, and rightfully so. He is also one of the few people not pushing his own agenda when he appears at conferences or meet-ups or when sharing thoughts on social platforms.

If there is one person who can make Bitcoin understandable for everyone in the world, it is Andreas Antonopoulos. He is a direct influencer of Bitcoin but in the most positive way possible. His involvement with government officials, organized campaigns, and multiple companies throughout the years make him a thought leader that deserves nothing but respect.

#1 Don Tapscott

Many different individuals could fill the top three spot on this list. A politically correct solution would be to include one of the respected women who are active in cryptocurrency, or perhaps one of the people who are  public figures at conferences. It is often the people overlooked as  potential influencers who should make this list.

One such individual is Don Tapscott, a man who keeps tabs on Bitcoin and blockchain. Together with this son, Alex, he published the Blockchain Revolution book this year, which is quite the source of information. Even though this focus seems to lie more on blockchain than Bitcoin right now, Don Tapscott doesn’t shy away from discussing the benefits of this decentralized cryptocurrency.

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