“Blockchain Revolution” Book By Don and Alex Tapscott is A Source of Inspiration

More and more people are starting to pay attention to Bitcoin and its underlying technology. Some people even feel it is a bigger innovation than the Internet ever was, or will be. But there are still lots of questions surround blockchain technology, and most people don’t understand it at all. The recently released book by Don and Alex Tapscott goes to show what the future may hold.

A Cause For Cautious Excitement

After going through the book “Blockchain Revolution: How the technology behind Bitcoin is changing money, business, and the world”, most people will get a sense of what this technology does. Its potential is virtually limitless, although we are still in the very early stages f research and development.

The Tapscotts are very excited about the future of blockchain technology; that much is certain. Throughout the book, they touch upon various potential use cases, how it can be achieved, and also which hurdles developers might face. That is perhaps the best “angle” about this book: it is not utterly pro or against blockchain. Everything is relayed in a neutral manner, giving the reader plenty of opportunity to make up their own minds.

What sets this book apart even further from similar offerings available today is how it is approachable by anyone. Even for someone who has never read a letter on Bitcoin and blockchain, this book will make a lot of sense. That does not mean they will be hooked right away, though, as the book is a great source of debate and discussion among peers.

The opportunities for blockchain technology are vast, and we have only discovered the tip of the iceberg. The Blockchain Revolution book touches upon things that transcend the borders of finance. For now, most of the blockchain research efforts focus on the financial sector. But as you progress through the book, thinking outside of the box is no longer uncommon, but becomes second nature.

One of the primary objectives of any book is to inspire people. Even as a non-developer, people who are passionate about their future will take a liking to the book. It lists some tough questions, which not always have a decent answer right now. But at the same, it sparks the imagination as to what we can do with this technology.

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