Top 3 Stable Cryptocurrencies Based on USD Value

Cryptocurrencies are often renowned for their volatile movements on the market. Particularly bitcoin has gone through some big price swings over the past few years. However many people do not know that there are some cryptocurrencies which pride themselves on having a stable price at all times. Albeit they may not necessarily the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market, their stability is well worth taking note of.

3. TimeKoin

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Although most people have never heard of TimeKoin, it appears the currency has had a fairly stable price over the past few years. That is rather surprising, considering TimeKoin has no significant trading market appeal to speak of as of late. TimeKoin was created as a secure and anonymous digital currency system without processing fees. So far, the currency has not been hacked or exploited, according to the developers.

It is rather intriguing to see TimeKoin remain mostly flat throughout its history. There is no hard limit on the amount of coins to be created, which is hardly ever beneficial to establish a flat price point. It is probable TimeKoin only retains its value due to the lack of trading volume as no one seems to be interested in holding the currency right now. Then again, it is still interesting to take notice of.



When NuBits were first introduced to the world, a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts were uncertain what to make of them. A currency that is pegged to a fixed US Dollar value is far less attractive to investors, hence it doesn’t make much sense. However, NuBits has been able to maintain its “peg” to the US Dollar with relative ease, even though there has been some decent trading volume over the years. The only market USNBT lost value against is Bitcoin itself, which is not surprising.

Some people may be wondering why NuBits is appealing to investors in the first place, as there is no monetary gain from holding these coins. The fixed value makes it easy to determine how many NuBits one needs to purchase something. Moreover, selling goods or services in exchange for cryptocurrency becomes easier, as there is no volatility associated with NuBits whatsoever. It is an interesting alternative to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, although its long-term success remains questionable.

1. Tether

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There is no more stable cryptocurrency – that is also popular – than Tether right now. The value per Tether – USDT – is pegged to one US Dollar at all times, and that will not change. This also means Tether loses some value against the Bitcoin price as it evolves, but that is not entirely surprising by any means Virtually every alternative currency loses ground when bitcoin goes up in price. There is no reason to think Tether would be any different, as it pegs itself to the US Dollar rather than bitcoin.

It is this stability against the US Dollar that makes Tether so appealing, though. A lot of people trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies against USDT, as it represents one US Dollar per coin. Some people see Tether as a way to get rid of linking cryptocurrency values of national currencies directly. It is doubtful that will happen anytime soon, yet it remains an interesting prospect to keep in mind moving forward.

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